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Enhance your natural beauty.

Every woman Is unique and inherently beautiful. It’s my job to reflect that inner radiance on the outside.

I create beautiful, natural looking brows through the process of microblading & empower women to create their best selves with makeup lessons. Let me be the one to help you feel beautiful every day or even on your wedding day!

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Natural, fuller brows

Get a full and natural looking brow with our high quality services.


Looking to save time when applying your eyebrows in the morning? Do you have sparse or even no eyebrows but are looking for a solution? Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo for the eyebrow. With this technique, the artist creates semi-permanent hair like strokes using a handheld tool. Shape, density, and color are chosen for each individual‘s unique needs.

Makeup Artistry

Looking to boost your skills and confidence with your make up? Do you need the latest tips and techniques to step up your makeup game? I provide step-by-step instruction for you to create your everyday look or to focus on specific techniques such as smokey eye and contouring.

LI-FT tattoo lightening

Have a tattoo or permanent makeup that needs to be lightened? I offer a non-acid, high concentrate, saline-based solution treatment to lighten your tattoos over time. The treatment is effective and safe to use. If interested, I would do a consultation to evaluate if you are a good candidate. A treatment plan is then discussed, may require several sessions to achieve desired results. Pricing is based on tattoo size, colors, and how many treatments it will take to lighten. Contact for consultation.

My Work

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A little about me

Sloane Ehnat Padilla

I am a Cert PhiBrows Artist, Professional makeup artist for over 10 yrs. I am also a professional beauty and branding photographer. This combination leads to an eye for beauty and a passion for helping women to look and feel their best.