Microblading Aftercare

Microblading Aftercare:

  • Less is more! 
  • I will apply a liquid Band-Aid immediately following your procedure.
  • After three days please wash this liquid Band-Aid with Cetaphil. Pat dry and apply ointment. 
  • When applying ointment, do not over apply. You will want a thin layer
  • For the next seven days, you will try to keep your brow completely dry except for the tiniest bit of ointment applied once daily. 

Do Not:

  • Get the area wet in the shower, try to keep it as dry as possible
  • Apply too much ointment
  • Go swimming, use a hot tub, or going in a lake for the first 4 weeks
  • Use any facial products containing acids, exfoliants, or scrubs for the first 4 weeks
  • Pick, scratch, or rub the area
  • Avoid sun exposure or tanning for the first 4 weeks