Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo for the eyebrow, that can last up to two years depending on skin type and lifestyle. I strive to achieve a very natural brow following your hair’s natural pattern. 

Based on the golden ratio, eyebrow symmetry is achieved through mapping the brow with a compass and an eyebrow ruler. Little hair-like strokes are created with a handheld Microblading tool that deposits Ink into the dermal junction. This creates natural hair like strokes that mimic real hair.

Anyone looking to enhance a sparse brow from over-tweezing, make their naturally full browse fluffier, or simply fill in their natural brow, as well as women with no brow hair at all, are great candidates for Microblading.

-Normal to normal-dry skin is the best skin type for Microblading. While mildly oily skin can be Microbladed, skin that is textured more like an orange peel does not tend to heal well or retain ink well. A powder brow is more appropriate for those with oily skin.

  • You cannot be microbladed if you’re pregnant or nursing.
  • On Blood Thinners 
  • Tend to keloid scarring
  • Have Diabetes
  • On Chemotherapy

The first pass is done without a numbing agent. Many clients have said that it feels like someone tweezing your brows that doesn’t know what you’re doing or a light scratching. After this first pass, the numbing agent is applied to your brow and you won’t feel a thing. This numbing agent may need to be reapplied throughout the

Sometimes permanent makeup can be microbladed over. Please send a photograph so that I can assess the saturation & shape of your old permanent make up. We will discuss whether your best option is to have removal first or to go forward with the procedure.


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